All hands on workshops are with live models:  Mannequin as a last resort.

Class times are from 11am-6pm.  Lunch 2pm-3pm off site.

If you’re from out of state & can’t acquire a model, a mannequin head will be acceptable.  Live models are best.  try to hire a local model if possible.

Model’s hair should be collar bone length or longer with average to long layers.  Face framing layers acceptable.  Bangs should be no shorter than a swoopy cheekbone length.  don't go crazy & bring in the longest haired model you can find.  :)  she just needs to have some length. 

Models should arrive at 3pm with clean, dry hair.  If she is curly, she can blow it smooth.  If she is super curly, only then can she smooth it with a blow out & flat iron before arrival.  

Balayage, ombre, dimensional blonde & highlighted medium brunette colors are best to practice on.  The eye can see these contrasts well.

models are not permitted to sit in the classroom during demo.

I’ll be covering photographing your model/client with your smart phone.

View kit list on website for kit items you'll need to bring.

Tickets are available under "Tour Dates".